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Kiyomi OHNO


Born in 1977.

Watercolor Painter based in Tokyo,Japan.

Traveling around the world with sketchbook.



1995 - 1997 Kuwasawa Design School (Tokyo,Japan)



2015  Taiwan Sketch Journal (JTB Publishing,Inc. Japan)

2006 Bring back asia to home (Joho center Publications,Inc. Japan)

2005 Kiyomi's Tokyo Sketchbooksuncolor Publishing ,Inc. Taiwan


2023 「色の中に立つ」"Gekkoso,Ginza"  Tokyo,Japan
2022 「My Colours 」"Gekkoso,Ginza"  Tokyo,Japan
2021 「My Sketchbook 」"Gekkoso,Ginza"  Tokyo,Japan
2019 「My Sketchbook 」"Gekkoso,Ginza"  Tokyo,Japan
2017 「My Sketchbook 」"Gekkoso,Ginza"  Tokyo,Japan
2016 「Thailand Sketchbook  -Colors of Thailand 」"Gekkoso,Ginza"  Tokyo,Japan

2015 「Taiwan Sketch Journal 」"Presse" Sapporo, Japan

2015 「Taiwan Sketch Journal 」"Kagurazaka Frasco Gallery"  Tokyo,Japan

2014 「Finland,Sweden Sketchbook -Seven Flowers 」"Presse"  Sapporo,Japan

2014 「Finland,Sweden Sketchbook -Seven Flowers 」"FujinTree355"  Taipei,Taiwan

2013 「Finland,Sweden Sketchbook -Seven Flowers 」"Gekkoso,Ginza"  Tokyo,Japan

2012 「Taiwan Sketchbook -Rainbow Taiwan 」"FujinTree355" Taipei,Taiwan

2012 「Taiwan Sketchbook -Rainbow Taiwan 」"Gekkoso,Ginza"  Tokyo,Japan

2011 「Hawaii Sketchbook -Go with Aloha 」"Gekkoso,Ginza"  Tokyo,Japan

2010 「Bali Sketchbook 」"Gekkoso,Ginza"  Tokyo,Japan



2015 JFN Radio「Simple style」

2013 Shopping Design No.62, interview in magazine (Taiwan)

2009-2010 On Television , NHK BS-1「Asia cross road」

2006  J-WAVE  Radio 「Asience Spirit of Asia」


2017~ Kiyomi Ohno Watercolor Painting Class

2016~ at Gekkoso Ginza lecture in watercolor
2016~ at Tit cai Thaifood studio lecture in watercolor「Painting Thaifood with Watercolor」

2011 NHK Culture Center at Umeda class, oneday lecture「about sketching trip」

2011 NHK Culture Center at Aoyama class, oneday lecture「about sketching trip」


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